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Open Letter To Pakistani Students

Let's Make Pakistan a Better Place for Our Future Generations.
Date: 20 June 2018

Dear Pakistani Students

True, God helps those who help themselves. I believe that it is better to try and fail than fail to try. And I’m convinced that the best way to predict the future is to create it. My life changed when I understood these simple rules.

On returning home (Pakistan), after a long time, I was surprised as to how people were living their lives and I wondered if I was able to make them understand (and appreciate) these simple rules which, I thought, could also change their lives.

But, of course, I cannot assume, or force anybody, that they would follow my course of action or what I suggested to them. So I can only offer suggestions to all willing to change their lives for a better future.

To be sure, you can’t change anyone’s life unless they honestly realize the need for that in practical terms. So, quite naturally, if you are genuinely interested in changing your life for a better future, I would like to inspire, guide and enlighten you on what to do and what not to.

We are living in a global village --- a world in which things keep changing fast. And all such changes are occurring due to globalization. If we do not change technology-wise or education-wise, we shall become weaker and weaker, facing problems and financial hardships.

The largest auto-rental companies in the world are not Avis or Hertz but Uber, which does not own even a single car. The largest hotel rental company is not Pearl-Continental Hotel or Hilton or Avari or even Marriott, for that matter, but AirBnB, which does not have even a single property or even a single hotel room.

So that is enough to prove that things change and improve not only in a business, but a society as a whole. As our society changes, we get ready for the vital change ahead. So this is how we become part of this global village based on a shared economy.

Nowadays we see the technologically-advanced world and find more than 50 per cent new billionaires associated with emerging technologies. So we need to focus on educating ourselves for the new ventures related to emerging technologies such as 3D Printing, Algorithms, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Automation , Autonomous Auto, Big Data, Bioinformatics, Biometrics, BioTechnology, Blockchain, BPO, Business intelligence, Circular Economy, Cloud Computing, CMS, Cognitive Computing, Communications, Computational Biology, Computational Chemistry, Computational Engineering, Computational Linguistics, Computational Neuroscience, Computational Physics, Computational Science, Computational Social Science, Computer Animation, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, CRM/ERP, Crowdfunding, Crowdsourcing, Cryptocurrency, Cryptography, Cyber Law, Cyber Security, Data, Databases, Decentralization, Deep Learning, Deep Web, Design , Digital, Digital Art, Digital Media, Digitization, Distributed Computing, Drones, E-Advertising, E-Business, E-Commerce, E-Education, E-Governance, E-Healthcare, E-Journalism, E-Payments, E-Procurement, E-Publishing, E-Textiles, Fashion Tech, Fiber Optical, FinTech, Forecasting, Forensics, Fusion Power, Gadgets, Gaming, Human-Computer Interaction , Hyperloop, IaaS, Identity Management, Industrial Robot, Informatics, Information, information Science, Information System, Information Technology, Intellectual Property, Interactive Media, Internet, Internet Exchanges, Internet of Things, IT Management, Knowledge Management, Lasers, Life Extension, Life Sciences, Machine Learning, Mass Media, Military Tech, MIS, Mobile, Mobile Apps, Mobile Computing, Nanotechnology, Neural Networks, Open Source, Operating Systems, Optical Computing, PaaS, Parallel Computing, Peer-2-Peer, Photovoltaics, Precision Agriculture, Prosthesis, Quantum Computing, Renewable Energies, RFID, Ride Sharing, Robotics, SaaS, Satellites, Search Engines, Semiconductor, Sensors, Sharing Economy, Simulators/Emulators, Smart City, Smart Home, Smart Office, Social Media, Software, Software Engineering, Space Exploration, Sponge Cities, Statistics, Stealth Technology, Stem Cell, Streaming, Super Computing, Surveillance, Sustainability, Sustainable Design, Systems Engineering, Systems Science, Technology, Telecommunications, TeleMedicine, Trading, TVoIP, Ubiquitous Computing, UI/UX/CX, Urban Computing, Urban Informatics, Vertical Farming, Video Games, Virtual Assistant, Virtual Economy, Visualization, Vlogs, Water Technology, Wearables, Weather Tech, Web Design, Web Engineering.

I see everyone engaging in talking and just grumbling about the problems, yet without trying to find the solutions. To me, there are no problems in life, but indecisions. Well, then, problems are there as long as we live on the Planet Earth. The only place without problems will be the Heaven.

What is important is how we confront and deal with the problems and find their solutions. Sometimes we go to extremes extents and do not care for others’ lives. Not just that we risk our lives too. So instead of watching just our interest, why not give a thought to caring for others also? Taking someone’s life or killing yourself won’t solve your problems. Why not leave this cruel act to wild beasts alone, because that is something any civilised human being would hardly like to see it happen. Dying is easy but living a life is difficult and that is the real courage or strength.

Politics is just one activity and this should not be taken or treated as a worship. So we better stop treating and worshipping politicians/political leaders because they are not gods, anyway.

Education is not just about getting a university degree, this is a platform to analyze complex issues in life. Every time I visited Pakistan, I found people complaining about politicians (PML-N, PPP or MQM or any other political parties) and blaming them for their frustration and disappointment.

I just can’t understand why people keep on grumbling (about politicians) for failing to fulfill their oaths or breaking promises, which they had only made to win them (voters) over. The innocent voters should know that the contesting politicians shout only hollow slogans like “we’ll end load-shedding,” “we’ll end unemployment and give you jobs,” “we won’t let democracy derail,” “give respect to vote,” “ours is the only party which would change your destiny,” “we’ll rid you of all the problems, once we come into power.” While others say: “We shall not spare our opponents and rivals and take revenge.”

In view of all that, I never believe them because I know that’s just the election stunt to fool the naive voters.

We can take a knife and kill someone, or we can use the same knife to cut food and feed ourselves instead. So knife is just an article of use and not a bad thing; only its use can be good or harmful. So what I want to say is that loving democracy or supporting pro-communism/socialism or any other ism alone won’t solve the problems.

Our people need education to benefit from democracy, or they will be suffering from losses as witnessed in the last 30 years. In democracy, there is a ‘one-vote-for-one-person’ formula. If the majority remain uneducated, they will be fooled by false promises made by clever and mischievous leaders, which would make their lives miserable.

We make young CSS hopefuls (aspirants) pass the exam, but just give a shit to the candidates contesting elections and never bother to test their intelligence, abilities and skills before they enter the corridors of power. We do not even bother to know whether they receive proper schooling and were really able and qualified to rule, run the country’s affairs and make important decisions.

The purpose of this letter is to let everyone know we can do something ourselves instead of just waiting for politicians, or the government, to do something (good) for us in order to change our lives for a better future.

We’ll be starting a plenty of initiatives and non-profit projects which would help the common man, volunteers and our Pakistan Movement members. So I would request you to please sign the Pakistan Movement Membership Form (totally free).

Our in-time initiatives will continue to help everyone without discrimination, and I will be posting more open letters on our website on a regular basis and offer solutions to all our problems.

Let the national press (all newspapers), television networks or political gatherings talk about problems, and criticize each other, and let us focus on the solutions. If we can’t change someone’s life, we have no right to waste time talking about unproductive things. Productivity is the key. You will agree that if money is lost or wasted, you don’t have to worry about that because you may get it back somehow someday, but if time is wasted away, you will never get it back.

Sincerely Yours,
Pakistan Movement

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