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Open Letter To General Bajwa

Chief of the Army Staff (COAS), Pakistan Armed Forces.
Date: 3 June 2018

Respected Dear General Bajwa,

I would like to bring your attention to a few important things because I am afraid we might be running out of time. I came back to Pakistan after twenty years. While living abroad I had an entirely different perception of my motherland, but after my return I had a reality check --- that is not the kind of country I had left behind around twenty years ago. Maybe, at that time, I was just a young (teenage) boy who was living in a “La-La-Land” and never knew what was happening around me.

Unfortunately, I was under the impression that due to financial mismanagement, political instability, internal and external debt, injustice, lack of education, unemployment, lack of healthcare & social services, inflation, closure of manufacturing industry, energy shortage, corruption, human rights violations, absence of transparency, money-laundering, tax-evasion, child labour, public violence and chaos, income inequality etc. had brought us all to dangerous crossroads but, instead, we are standing at a T-junction.

Before you think of my constructive criticism to unpatriotic-rant, I would like to mention a few things. I was born into a military family. My father has proudly served this country in the 1971 war. And while staying abroad in North America, South America, Europe and the Middle East, I had tried my best to do everything possible to help my beloved homeland. (More information can be provided if required.)

Unlike my fellow-citizens, I find talking about problems without any solutions highly unproductive, so let’s talk about the solutions. Since you have taken an oath to protect us from our enemies. And, thankfully, you did so very well back in 1965, 1971 and 1999. But those were our external enemies. Now, what about our internal enemies who are more dangerous because they are a part of our society, culture, and setup. Should we make you take a second oath to protect us from our internal enemies?

My fellow-naive-citizens are under the impression that our list of enemies include India, Israel, Afghanistan, or all the Western countries. In fact our real enemies are: injustice, inflation, inequality, corruption, extremism, fundamentalism, violence, discrimination, sectarianism, social rifts, class differences, caste system, illiteracy, ignorance, gender bias, male chauvinism, child-labour, violence against women, intolerance, and financial instability. All the aforementioned problems are not caused by India, Israel or any other country for that matter, but by ourselves internally.

By profession I’m a business consultant and emerging technology entrepreneur but by nature I have always been a social activist since I was 7 because that was a time when I had reached the age of reason.

By putting into consideration all the issues mentioned above, and after serious thinking, I made up my mind to strive for a change --- a revolutionary step meant to change my country, society, people and our way of living to solve all the issues mentioned above.

I have decided to re-start Pakistan Movement or تحریکِ پاکستان once again. Why? Because in 1947, we won independence and achieved for ourselves a separate, independent and a sovereign country; and now in 2018 this time I want to build up and wish to have a dream-country which can better serve as a role-model for the rest of the world. And in order to achieve this cherished goal, I’ll have to do millions of different things, begin countless initiatives and a plenty of various projects for which I would need assistance from every single person or institution in my country.

If you share the same vision as I do for our country, I would need your help to achieve this very goal and I want you to stand by my side for the sake of our beloved country for the benefit of our future generations of nation-builders.

Here are certain things where I require assistance, or even moral support would be great.

During the future general elections, for a foolproof supervisory role, a few members from the each four key players i.e. two military personnel, two lawyers appointed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, two media persons, and two teachers appointed by a teachers’ association should be deputed for the election duty.

I really do not care what kind of political system we have in Pakistan. It could be democracy, socialism, dictatorship, republic, communism, monarchy, imperialism, secularism, feudalism, or any other ism. As long as my fellow-citizens enjoy equal rights, free healthcare, free education, cost-effective food, free/clean water, low-cost housing, cheaper consumer products, stronger currency value, friendly tax-collection system, equal justice, social liberties, freedom of conscience and religion, freedom of thought, freedom of belief, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, peaceful assembly, protection against discrimination, etc.

I won’t go back to the history of the 1950s or 60s but only to the last 30 years when I saw democracy flourish and promoted in our country for our collective benefit, wellbeing and prosperity.

Let me refresh your memory. Around 30 years ago our country had less than 5 billion* US dollars national debt, which now stands at 220 billion US** dollars, Pakistan’s exchange rate was just 18 Pakistani rupees compared to 125 rupees (for each dollar) at present. At that time, all consumer products were 19 to 20 times cheaper than the current prices. Now, will anybody give me just one valid reason why the hell should I prefer democracy to other political systems?

*( Debt.pdf).

Set up a Pakistan Welfare Trusts (similar to Military Welfare Trusts) under the supervision of disciplined/well-accomplished executives/personnel from private sectors and Pakistan Armed Forces.

The income generated by businesses owned by Pakistan Welfare Trusts should be disbursed (based on income) among all Pakistani citizens who earn less than equivalent to 10 grams of gold value monthly, in order to get rid of the income inequality and create millions of new job opportunities for my people.

Under Pakistan Armed Forces, set up a new battalion to deal with cyber-crimes and international cyber threats sternly. Pakistan Armed Forces should spend at least 10% of the total military budget annually for emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Autonomous Military Technologies, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Cognitive Computing, Cognitive Science, Complex Systems, Computer Engineering, Cryptography, Cyber Law, Cyber Security, Data, Databases, Deep Learning, Deep Web, Digital, Digitization, Distributed Computing, Drones, Edge Computing, E-Education, E-Governance, FinTech, Forensics, Fusion Power, Human-Computer Interaction , Hyperloop, Informatics, information Science, Information System, Information Technology, Internet of Things (IoT), Lasers, Machine Learning, Management Information System, Manufacturing Military Tech, Neural Networks, Open Source, Optical Computing, Parallel Computing, Printing 3D/4D, Prosthesis, Quantum Computing, Renewable Energies, RFID, Robotics, Satellites, Sensors, Simulators/Emulators, Software Engineering, Space Exploration, Stealth Technology, Stem Cell, Super Computing, Surveillance, Systems Engineering, Systems Science, Technology, Telecommunications, Transportation, Ubiquitous Computing, Visualization, Wearables etc.

The future wars will be fought digitally and entirely differently, leaving humans to sit back paralyzed and handicapped with all technology-based systems totally disrupted. That would mean total or a partial shutdown of the banking system, telecommunications, electricity, working of computers, and land, air and sea (shipping) services. So, the result would be total chaos.

The nuclear strikes will evidently be able to wipe out entire nations, but the power of cyber-attacks is understandably far more dangerous because military or civilian casualties will not just confine to physical harms or damages, but the online colossal losses.

The use and power of social media can hardly be overestimated. And that’s very true. But do all sensible people realize that social media is being misused and exploited for a condemnable anti-Pakistan and anti-Army propaganda which is, in fact, meant to harm the general public and purposely create hatred. This nefarious and mischievous campaign is actually spread by our No. 1 enemy India. That is not just being done in Pakistan, but mostly abroad to tarnish the image of Pakistan in the world. While cyber-crimes are widespread globally, hackers have become active to launch attacks, giving rise to problems and aggravating the already precarious situation at home.

There have been secret reports and information communicated through various sources that important consumer data, stored in computers at the government’s key departments, has been stolen and delivered to unknown, or some known, quarters/groups/organizations by anti-State elements in exchange for money for subversive acts and malicious campaigns. This grave situation has added to the already-worsening national scene.

This is extremely unfortunate that owing to the absence of data protection laws in Pakistan our lives, properties and assets are at constant risk, whereas in the European Union countries there exists Europe General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to protect data in these countries.

The authority and control over Pakistan’s Exit Control List (ECL) should be given jointly to Pakistan Armed Forces and the Supreme Court of Pakistan, and not just to a civilian government for the reason that very often those being barred from flying abroad have connections for favoritism so they look for and expect some kind of leniency and concessions from the authorities concerned.

Energy shortage in the country has necessitated the long-awaited Kalabagh Dam construction, which should be done without fail and further delay. This would also provide a cheaper energy source besides reducing Co2 emission and lessening the greenhouse effect, which is vital to cleaner environment. That would also help ensure green energy. It’s better than the nuclear or other energy sources as that would help boost industrial growth aside from bringing in more investment.

The Privatization is something that most Pakistanis would dislike. Why? Because, arguably, to generate income Pakistan would require assets as a basic need like any other developing country. So instead of making more assets, we should not sell out the existing ones. Similarly, with regard to defense spending, lower income would mean Pakistan will have less money to spend on defense otherwise that would result in cutting on other basic needs such as healthcare, education, public services etc.

National assets are sold out at below-the-market prices. First, reasons are shown and then problems created inside what they call “sick units/companies” to finally reduce the income by showing losses. All that ultimately make justification for them to sell those sick units or companies for pennies. On the other hand, politicians continue making money through kickbacks in the illegal offshore companies like in the Panama case.

If you are reading this letter up to this point, then I reckon you do care about our country as much as I do. I have a plenty of more suggestions which I do not think would be a good idea to discuss here openly because these things are related to the security of our country, and all my open letters are being published on our website.

I would like to have a face-to-face meeting as soon as possible whenever it is convenient for you. I am willing to travel anywhere in North America, Europe, the Middle East or Pakistan.

Sincerely Yours,
Pakistan Movement

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