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Power is no reason or excuse for making a change. People like Abdul Sattar Edhi, Mother Teresa, Ramzan Chhipa, Ansar Burney or Nelson Mandela were not political leaders, politicians or parliamentarians to qualify for humanity. So that means that you don’t have to be an MPA, MNA, a Senator, chief minister, governor, or prime minister to work for a humanitarian mission or cause.

CH. ADAM ADNAN ANWAR - چودھری آدم عدنان أنور

Human Rights, Democracy, Privacy & Social Activist. 

Who I am ? – The Torch-bearing Message For All.

To my mind, the idea of migrating to some other country is not bad especially when one has a vision of a bright future with good education, a better living, an enviable lifestyle and all that. So I, being an ordinary young boy moved to North America twenty years ago and called this great continent my home. I liked the culture, people, standard of living, quality of education, healthcare facilities, environment and working conditions etc as compared to what I had been desired back in my homeland.

And, now, after spending almost twenty long years in North America, Europe, South America, Middle East, I say that I have reaped the fruit of my toil and admittedly benefited a lot from what all these countries I have visited offered me. Yet, after living for almost two decades away from homeland, I made up my mind to go back to Pakistan to serve my country and my country-fellows.

Quite naturally, I thought this is high time I start my life anew at a place where I was born. So, I girded up my loins with edifying thoughts and novel ideas with a robust passion to help make a tangible change and to revolutionize the lives of my countrymen and women. In a way, I wished to venture into the gigantic and arduous task of bringing about a revolutionary change in practical terms – to reorganize a disorganized society (at least this is what I had felt and felt so deeply).

Certainly, I wanted this revolutionary change with a clear purpose in my mind. And that was like improving the overall conditions prevailing over there for the past around 71 years. My plan for a change included creating job opportunities, better healthcare facilities, free and quality education for children, effective infrastructure, establishment of more industrial units, improvement in the railways and transport systems as well as air travel services, enhanced pensions for retired senior citizens, setting up of technical institutions for skills training of the youth, establishment of par-excellence educational institutions, unadulterated foodstuff, recreational and entertainment spots, empowerment of women, promotion and propagation of human rights and equal opportunities without gender bias and outright rejection of centuries’ old male chauvinism.

But, appallingly, I found absolutely no space to see my most cherished dreams come true. I was shocked to find things quite the opposite and totally topsy-turvy with numerous social evils and menaces – prevalent widespread and with persistence back in Pakistan – like corruption, bribery, jobbery, nepotism, favoritism, trend to resort to unfair means, murder of merit, packs of lies, deliriousness of duties, ghost employees, lethargic attitude of government officials, snobbish and sluggish bureaucrats who believed in red-tapism and created hurdles finding faults with work meant for genuine implementation and accomplishment and that too not without their palms greased, absence of fair-play, character-assassination, mud-slinging, yawning unemployment, denial of human rights and civil liberties, honor killings, kidnappings-for-ransom of young girls and children, rapes, day-light robberies, gross injustices, undue domination and forcible rule of waderaism (feudalism) over weak, simple and poor people.
Perhaps, I’m sorry, I would need to write volumes on these menaces which the people of my country have constantly been experiencing (rather suffering) at the hands of the incompetent rulers and politicians whose ‘abilities’ and ‘capabilities’ I very much doubt.

Sadly, when I stepped out to take the initiative (like a messiah) to heal up the bleeding wounds of the suffering people and approached the men (bureaucrats) at the helm of affairs I was flabbergasted and bewildered to find them all unhelpful, non-cooperative and unsupportive just because I didn’t offer them any illegal gratification in shape of hard cash or some gifts which they always expect as their right and which they are accustomed to receive mostly for any work unreasonably. Obviously, I couldn’t come up to their expectations. So the result was quite evident. Not only that I witnessed complainants, applicants, candidates and the aggrieved poor lot clamoring for their genuine grievances redressed.

I was visibly perturbed and extremely dismayed to find the inhospitable conditions and the shabby sorry prevalent especially among the functionaries of government semi-government departments, though the hopeless situation is not different in any other public or private sector.
So, strongly overpowered by despair, I was completely disillusioned that anybody coming back home from abroad with sublime goals and ardent desires to improve the present system for a better change in Pakistan would just see a ghastly future.

What is irrefutable is that I am who I am, thanks to all unforgettable experiences I have had around the globe. Nothing can open your eyes more to understand humanity than travelling because it is a part of your education, anyway. I have had the opportunity to meet all amazing friends and shared wonderful times with them wherever I went.

What I constantly felt was a continual pull to go back (abroad). Yet when back there, I again felt the same pull to return, the place I call my first home Pakistan. It was as if I was living in a kind of suspended reality never there and never here, just restlessness!

I realized it is extremely difficult for anybody coming back home from abroad to start a business or to try to change the faulty system for the good of the society. Disappointed over the incorrigible situation and the worsening circumstances, I had simply decided to go back to Europe with a heavy and burning heart since I had realized that I would miserably fail in the achievement of my goal and sincerely-thought-out-tailored mission.

Again, I could not proceed with my work-plan. It was indeed more discouraging for me because failure has never been an option for me; I am a determined, self-made and independent-thinking person with ebullient energies. Nevertheless, I did not give up and continued to muster up courage to get back one day and take the initiative once again.

Even though friends, relatives and acquaintances tried to prevail upon me, saying I should abandon the idea of setting up any kind of business in Pakistan, I refused to pay heed to their predicaments. So unmindful of what might happen in the future course of things, I again took the initiative to come back to Pakistan to start my business and launch my projects with cooperation from some foreign companies and help from my close associates in Pakistan.

So, after having been stuck in limbo for a year or so now, I have decided to muster up courage and with a renewed spirit and energy for this great and noble cause. Well, you may brand me a visionary or then call an obstinate adventurer.

But, unfortunately, disappointment awaited me right at the entrance door. I saw a ‘no-way’ sign ahead when I thought about entering politics because everything I observed was upside down – sheer hopelessness.

Still, this is the first time in my life that I will exercise my right to vote in the next general election (2018), no matter which political party or group he or she belongs to. I have taken this decision solely in the interest of my fellow-countrymen and women. In the past, I had never cast my vote for or against any candidate neither relished support or favor of anyone.

Therefore, changing the system through a political career and starting there seemed to be a remote possibility. Then how could I change the system I had detested right from the very beginning i.e. since the inception of my beloved homeland for which hundreds of thousands of sacrifices were made – the Independence Movement witnessed mass-killings at the time of the 1947 Partition.
Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a towering personality and the only Muslim leader in the (Indian) subcontinent who had got the wisdom and ability to unyoke his people from the chains of slavery.

It was under the leadership of Mr M A Jinnah that Pakistan came into being after a long struggle and untiring efforts of the Quaid with the active and sincere support of other distinguished Muslim luminaries like Allama Dr Muhammad Iqbal, Maulana Shaukat Ali, Maulana Johar Ali, Nawab Mohsin-ud-Daula, Syed Hussain Shaheed Suharwardy and several others the most prominent among them being Mr Jinnah’s sister Miss Fatima Jinnah.

I know that I am an ordinary person, but I am sure I have the will and ability to carry forward the Quaid-i-Azam’s mission. I believe this is an undeniable reality that the present-day Pakistan is not the Pakistan the Father of the Nation had envisioned. Certainly, the Quaid-i-Azam wouldn’t want his creation to be like what it looks like at present.

I’m no Mr Jinnah – not even his modicum from any standards who could strike such a change as to change the destiny of my people and hence their lives in the long run. Despite the fact Mr Jinnah was born in the East and educated in the West, he had gained knowledge and insight by dint of his intelligence. And in later years, after his return from England, he grew up into an astute young statesman – the art of statesmanship just became an instinct with him. He was indeed the rarity of history.

This is out of question that an ordinary man like me should compare himself with that great man even if he strives too hard continuously. There was just one Mr Jinnah and he was the only one to have led his people to an accomplished goal for their collective and dignified lifelong benefit in shape of a homeland for them as an independent and sovereign state – finally to be known and recognized as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan after his untimely death.

Yet, I can safely claim that I am one of his true followers and ideologues who share the same thoughts and worry to bring about a real change in the present-day Pakistan. I take my hat off to the Quaid for his relentless struggle and for the ultimate reality in shape of his greatest-ever contribution made perfectly so well.

So as a striking similarity I should say it with a little pride that me too born in the East I lived for around 20 years in Pakistan and received my education in the West and lived there almost half of my life most people would envy.

Now, with all set and put forth my unwavering faith, sincerity of purpose and commitment, I vow to carry forward the mission of this great man, of course for our collective gains, wellbeing, dignity and prosperity I stand determined for a huge push and change in every strata and sphere of life. And I’m sure all and sundry would benefit from the fruit of our renewed spirit and the resultant struggle.

Pakistan Movement is avowedly a platform for all citizens of Pakistan to join and participate in its efforts for a true and real change regardless of their affiliation to or association with any political or religious party and with peace, yet for zero-tolerance for violence, agitation or chaos.

Amid my inability, mainly due to not having an active role in national politics; I declined to wrestle with corrupt bureaucrats and to wean them away from the age-old practice of accepting bribe as a must fee from their ‘clients’, I had to look for some safer path as an alternative, so I decided to Re-Start Pakistan Movement or Tehrik-i-Pakistan once again in continuation with the objectives laid down originally by the Quaid-e-Azam.

If nobody was able to do something, it doesn’t mean I can’t do that either. Let’s pledge to take along this message of hope, peace and harmony all in good faith for the collective good of humanity at large.

“Failure Was Never An Option For Me And It Never Will Be.”

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