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تحریکِ پاکستان

Social Movement For A Better Pakistan

بہتر پاکستان کے لئے سماجی تحریک

Pakistan Movement  تحریک پاکستان

Pakistan Movement is a non-political Social Movement started by Overseas Pakistanis to change the corrupt system of Pakistan and establish a better Pakistan. This is not in any way a political or business forum. The team members of our organization are committed to working for public welfare through introducing innovative Initiatives and Projects exclusively for public welfare. Our welfare organization staffed mostly with volunteers who joined us to work for a noble cause. Pakistan Movement is financially fully funded by our Founder and Overseas Pakistanis.


Poem: "First They Came" By Martin Niemöller

Martin Niemöller was a German Lutheran pastor and theologian. Niemöller was an anti-Communist and supported Adolf Hitler's rise to power at first. But when Hitler insisted on the supremacy of the state over religion, Niemöller became disillusioned. He became the leader of a group of German clergymen opposed to Hitler. In 1937 he was arrested and eventually confined in Sachsenhausen and Dachau. He was released in 1945 by the Allies. His statement, sometimes presented as a poem, is well-known, frequently quoted, and is a popular model for describing the DANGERS OF POLITICAL APATHY.

First they came for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up—
Because I wasn’t a Communist.

Then they came for the socialists, and I didn’t speak up—
Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up—
Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up—
Because I wasn’t a Jew.

Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up—
Because I was a Protestant not Catholic.

Then they came for me, and by that time—
"There was no one left to speak up for me."

Pastor. Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)
World War 2 Victim Of Political Apathy

"The Hottest Places in Hell Are Reserved for Those Who in a Period of Moral Crisis Maintain Their Neutrality."
Dante Alighieri

اپنے رہنما کا انتخاب کرنے سے پہلے ہزار بار سوچیں، اور جب آپ نے اسے منتخب کیا ہے تو اس کے پیچھے چلیں. لیکن اگر وہ اچھا کام نہیں کرتے تو اسے جیل بھیجیں

قائد اعظم محمد على جناح

What Do We Want?

Certainly there are a few questions that may arise in the minds of the readers of this website.
Who, What, When, Where and Why? Regarding Pakistan Movement. Why we felt the need for yet another Pakistan Movement at the first place? And why after 71 long years of the establishment of Pakistan, we have chosen to rewind or reverse Pakistan’s history in the context of the pre-Partition scene? 

Do we really plan to re-establish, reorganize, revamp, or reset with an entirely different mindset with a view to changing the present prevalent system? What does this change actually mean?  

Answers to all the above, or similar questions, are pretty simple...

Pakistan Bill of Rights

    We want Pakistan to emerge as a new Pakistan with “Equal Rights” for everyone. Social equality for all citizens and residents.
    Provide Universal Basic Income, Universal Basic Healthcare, Basic Food & Nutritions, Clean Water, Free Education Till Grade 12 and University Student Loans, Disability Benefits, Unemployment Benefits, Welfare Benefits, Job and Work Training, Shelter For Homeless and Victims of Domestic Violence, Substantial Clothing, Subsidized Low-cost Housing, Public Transportation, Life & Healthcare Insurance, Family & Children Benefits, 481 Days Paid Maternity Leave, Widowhood Benefits, Unconditional Pension, Social and Welfare Services for people with low or no income.
    Forbid verbal, physical, sexual harassment and discrimination on the basis of race, skin colour, language, belief, sex, religion, political affiliation, social status.
    Everyone have fundamental and equal family rights, such as…
    1. Where husband is responsible for the social and financial protection of his family.
    2. Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance.
    3. All children, whether born in or out of wedlock, shall enjoy the same social protection.
    4. Marriage shall be entered into only with the full consent of the intending spouses.
    5. Forbid child marriages and honor killing without being legally pardoned.
    1. Freedom from slavery: All residents’ beings born free and equal in dignity and rights.
    2. Freedom of movement and everyone has the right to a residency after 5 years living and working legally inside Pakistan.
    Where everyone enjoys the following fundamental freedoms, such as...
    1. Freedom of conscience and religion;
    2. Freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of speech, press and other media of communication;
    3. Freedom of a peaceful assembly; and
    4. Freedom of association..
    Every citizen and resident of Pakistan has legal rights, such as...
    1. Where everyone has a right to life, liberty, security, safety, justice, property rights;
    2. Freedom from unreasonable search and seizure;
    3. Right to an interpreter in a court proceedings and legal counsel;
    4. Right against self-incrimination, fair and public hearing, not to be subject of cruel and unusual punishment;
    5. Rights in criminal and penal matters such as the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty;
    6. Restriction on Arbitrary detention and imprisonment or subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment;
    7. Equal treatment before and under the law, and equal protection and benefit of the law without discrimination;
    8. Restriction on demolition, confiscation, eviction, forced entry to private residence by anyone without court orders;
    9. Privacy protection, digital privacy, privacy of personal data such as Invasion of privacy, online harassment, damage to reputation, damage to image, identity theft, cyber bullying, cyber-racism and hate speech.

Who We Are?


    Pakistan Movement is a non-political Social Movement. This is not in any way a political forum. Well, to be sure, all of you will agree that the system we have at present in Pakistan does not in any way come up to the expectations or conform to the demands of the common man when seen or measured by any standards. Hence, the flaws that contributed to making the whole setup a total failure or unsuccessful.
    Pakistan Movement is set up with the purpose of reorientation and revamp of the 1947 independent sovereign state, aiming at introducing new reforms to improve things, of course, for a better Pakistan. The tangible and concrete measures will bring about a revolutionary change to better the lot of all citizens and residents. Definitely, it will take time to reorganize things for a complete change in the present system. The murder of merit, usurpation of rights, gross injustice, rising unemployment, absence of proper healthcare facilities, lowered and substandard education, adulterated foodstuff are some of the things to be checked sternly. All that will be done reasonably well giving top priority to the top-agenda items most effectively.
    Like every other patriotic Pakistani citizen, we all have a vision of a better Pakistan where we can live in complete peace and harmony and where nobody faces any threat to their life and property, where everyone can enjoy equal rights, facilities and amenities of life without discrimination. In reality, such an ideal and sovereign state will ultimately emerge after a visible and tangible revolutionary change as envisioned by the Father of the Nation, Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
    Indeed, this Pakistan Movement aims at determining the country’s right direction towards the real goal of making Pakistan an ideal state where everybody will be able to live in peace and harmony and enjoy equal rights regardless of their gender, color, race, creed, religion, culture, belief or traditions, and where their basic fundamental human rights are ensured in all circumstances. What’s the challenge, anyway? The challenge is to eradicate all forms of corruption in entirety from Pakistani society and purge it of all social evils, vices, crimes, corruption and menaces which have long been eating away my people morally like a cancerous disease.
    Agree to with Objective, Vision & Mission then?  Please JOIN US تحریکِ پاکستان...

قائد اعظم محمد على جناح

فیصلہ کرنے سے پہلے سوچو 100 بار سوچو، لیکن ایک بار جب فیصلہ لیا جائے تو، اپنے فیصلے پر رہو

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